Unimed laboratories honoured with the National Occupational Health and Safety Award

Unimed Laboratories, in the person of its CEO Ridha Charfeddine and the director of the “watch and control” unit Mrs. Jihen Charfeddine received the national award for occupational health and safety for the year 2020 during the ceremony celebrating World Labour Day on 01 May 2021.

This award, awarded by the Ministry of Social Affairs, highlights the effort and the overall effort provided by Unimed Laboratories and reflects actions aimed at improving working conditions by strengthening the prevention of occupational risks and guaranteeing the best hygiene conditions.

Tenant said that the head of government, HichemMechichi, chaired this ceremony in the presence of the Minister of Social Affairs, Mohamed Trabelsi and the Secretary General of the UGTT, Noureddine Tabboubi.